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IDocs using Change Pointers - Useful Transactions

1. BD21 - Creating IDoc Types from Change Pointers
Sometimes lot of Change Pointer gets created, but fails to get processed due to system issues.
This t-code is quite helpful to generate IDocs from unprocessed change pointers. The status of change pointer can easily be checked from BDCPV table/view.

2. BD22 -Delete Change Pointers
This one is also quite helpful in production environment. Sometimes we can have scenarios where a lot of change pointers gets created due to some erroneous configuration or settings. In order to remove them from the system and clear up the associated tables, this t-code is quite helpful.

3. Reprocessing Successful IDocs again

Using BD87, we cannot re-process successful IDocs again, but sometime certain issues may require us to re-send an already processed successful IDoc.

Also, If the number of Idocs that needed to be retransmitted is limited, then you can retransmit them from the concerned application like Shipment, Delivery, Purchase Order by Reprocessing the Output Type.

But when we need to transmit multiple IDocs, using the standard program RC1_IDOC_SET_STATUS is quite helpful.

You can go to WE02 or WE09, copy all the processed IDoc numbers and paste them after executing this program in SE38. You would also need to specify the new IDoc status .

If you need to process this IDoc again using BD87, you cann;t directly set the same to 30 ( IDoc ready for dispatch), as BD87 remembers the last status (which was '53'- Application document posted) and hence wouldn't again process this IDoc.

Hence we can change the status to say some intermediate one like 32 - (Idoc was edited) and then again run this program and change the status t0 30 from 32.

After that we can again process this IDocs using BD87 and re-send them to the external system like EDI.


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