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license key tables

by vinaysingh | Friday, July 16, 2010 in |

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are the two tables concerned with License key.

MLICHECK table is only used from SAP BASIS/WEBAS 6.40 and below.
For SAP products running on Netweaver 7 - SAP_LIKEY.

SAPLIKEY (new licenses)

- containing data for the new SAP-licenses.
- the table exists since release 700 (Netweaver 2004s)
- the table also exists in data dictionary, therefore it can be exported/imported with R3trans
- new licenses can not shown/installed with command line tool 'saplicense'.

MLICHECK (old licenses)

- containing data for the old SAP-licenses.
- the table exists in all releases
- in upgraded rel. 700 systems, there can also be used old licenses
(the old license do not expired after upgrade, check button 'new/old license' in transaction slicense)
- there are no entries in data dictionary for the table, therefore it can not be exported with R3trans
- old licenses can be shown/installed with command line tool 'saplicense'
- could be exported with db specific tools .


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