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Unable to activate the business function set in PROD system

by vinaysingh | Thursday, January 13, 2011 in |

We recently upgraded our system from ECC 4.6 / AFS 3.0 to ECC6.0 / AFS 6.04.And we found that the some functionalities are missing in ECC-6.0 /AFS 6.04 (Grid Value & Category data is not updating in HU overview screen).

we were able to activate the business function set in our development system but were not able to do the same in our production system.

later we found that Due to system change options(SE06) , it is usually not possible to activate business functions directly in a quality system or production system.

The way (suggested )to activate it in QAS or PROD system is that the business function settings should be transported from DEV to QAS and then to PROD(in order DEV-->QAS-->PROD).

A transport request that contains the business function settings of the development system can be generated in t-code SFW5 in the development system and choose transport from menu system setting. After the transport has been generated ,it can be imported to the quality system.

The import of the transport will automatically activate the same business functions that were in the development system when the transport request was generated.


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