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Issue with Pop up display

by Voice | Tuesday, November 29, 2011 in , |

Hi Friends.

SAP is full of surprises. Today when I was trying to test a program, I saw the messages are not coming properly. Instead of showing the full message, it is truncated with a cross icon.

Finally I was able to trace the source of the problem. The problem lies in the SAP FM - POPUP_WITH_TABLE_DISPLAY_OK. I have used this function module numerous times in past and but this time, I realized there is a "IF" condition in the source code of this FM at line no - 68.

    IF LISTTAB+15(1) = 'S' OR LISTTAB+15(1) = 'F'.
      IF LISTTAB+15(1) = 'S'.
      ELSEIF LISTTAB+15(1) = 'F'.

So if the 16th character of your message is either S or F, then your message will be truncated. If you are facing this problem now you the reason. You can solve this issue in your own way.

[My sol - simply convert the 16th character to lower case if it F or S.]


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