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Transport ABAP Report Variants

Some times it is required to transport the selection variants (created for a report program) from one environment to another. We will discuss this requirement with a sample scenario.

Steps to be followed.

Step 1) Execute transaction SE38 and give the name of the program as:

Step 2) In the same screen check the radio button “Variants” and click on Display
pushbutton or follow menu path Goto -> Variants as:

Step 3) In the next screen thus appears; follow the menu path Utilities -> Transport
request.. as:

Step 4) Execute (F8) the program thus appears in the next screen as:

Step 5) Up on execution a pop up would appear asking for selecting the variants
(saved against that report program) to be transported as:

(We can select the variants we need and exclude the others)

Step 6) Up on pressing Continue, a next pop up appears; asking for the transport
details as:

Here we can choose our own transport to move the selection
variants for the report program from one environment to another.


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