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Adjusting ABAP Dictionary Objects and Repository Objects

by vinaysingh | Thursday, August 20, 2009 in |

An adjustment of ABAP Dictionary objects is carried out with transaction SPDD,

It must be performed as soon as you are prompted to carry out a modification

adjustment for ABAP Dictionary objects.

objects to adjusted are

a) Domains
b)Data elements
c) Tables (structures, transparent tables, pooled and
cluster tables including their technical settings, indexes of transparent tables).

Changes to other ABAP Dictionary objects such as type groups, table types,
views, search helps, match code objects, match code indexes and lock objects
cannot result in the loss of data. They are not done by transaction SPDD,
but by transaction SPAU (post upgrade activity).

In the adjustment procedure, ABAP Dictionary objects before the upgrade
(old version) are compared with objects after the upgrade (new version).

one must perform one of the following actions for all objects presented for adjustment:

a)Retain modification

Confirm that you want to adopt the modification or maintain the changes with the appropriate maintenance transaction.

Click the yellow traffic light in transaction SPDD to execute the data transfer reports.

b)Cancel modification

Choose Reset to original

when doing the modification and enhancements ,we have three options to choose from :-

a)With Modification Assistant 

Objects modified With the Modification Assistant are adjusted automatically or in the individual

ABAP Workbench tools using either corresponding dialog boxes or the split screen editor(SPAU Activity) .

we generally do not do direct maintenance of adjustment objects.

B)Without Modification Assistant

To adjust objects without the Modification Assistant we use version management .

When modifying objects where version management cannot be used, one need to document any changes that he/she make.

c)Deleted Objects

This node contains objects which are deleted in the newer version of SAP

and this node is to be left as it is.

pic(below):- select object

pic(below):- version management

pic(below):-current version already exist as previous version

pic(below):- reset to original


The adjustment of Repository objects is carried out with transaction SPAU.

Only those objects that have been modified by you and are being redelivered by SAP

in an upgrade are presented for adjustment.

The system automatically recognizes during upgrade if modification adjustment is necessary.You are then prompted to perform the modification adjustmentYou must decide whether the objects contained in the adjustment list should retain your modifications or if they should be reset to original.

when Running SPAU :-

a) use any oter user than DDIc.

b)When an object is modified for the first time, a change request is created

where modifications should be recorded.

c)If several developers are involved in the modification adjustment process,

one can create a changeable transport request with several tasks before modification adjustment begins.

d)If each developer creates his or her own transport request during modification adjustment,

these requests must be consolidated into a single request. This single request which contains

all modification adjustment objects can be selected for transport to subsequent systems.


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