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SLD configuration

by vinaysingh | Monday, August 24, 2009 in |

SLD configurations

Step 1 :

(a) Go to \usr\sap\\JC\j2ee\admin and run go. bat [in AS JAVA]

and :\usr\sap\\DV*\j2ee\admin and run go.bat [In ABAP+JAVA]

(b) Go to Instance-->Server-->Services-->SLD Data Supplier-->HTTP Settings

(c) Enter the details of Local SLD as per the screen shot given below

(d) Trigger the Data Supply by click on the blue color arrow at the top

Step 2:

(a) Go to \usr\sap\\JC\j2ee\admin and run go. bat
(b)Go to Instance--> Server-->Services-->SLD Data Supplier-->CIM Client Generation Settings tab
(c) Enter the details of SLDMain as per the screen shot given below

(e) Save the Settings and Trigger the Data Supply as done before

Step 3:

Go to the URL http://:50$$0/sld this is our Local SLD

(a) Go to the administration tabDataSuppliers

(b) Add a new SLD that is SLDMAIN in it with the data supplier userid/password

(c) This will trigger the data supply from Local SLD to SLDMain

(d) Go to the SLDMain URL : http://:50$$0/sld and check whether or not the data it receives from local SLD is true
(e) This SLD data flow is unidirectional

How to revert back the Changes?

To revert back the changes you just have to remove the above configurations you have made. In the Instance--> Server-->Services-->SLD Data Supplier-->HTTP Settings and Instance. Server-->Services-->SLD Data Supplier-->CIM Client Generation Settings tab of Visual Administrator mention Local SLD or SLDMain based on the team’s requirement. Also we have to
remove the SLDmain from the data supplier functionality given in administration tab of Local sld.

Generation of csmconf

Login to Solman with a user having basis authorization.

Run RZ21

Save in required location

Copy the csmconf file to:


Create JCo RFC connections in Visual admin

Check for the system to be ONLINE (RZ21):-

Checking the SLD connection:-


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